About Aurex

Aurex, an abbreviation for Augmented Risk and Audit Analytics, empowers your organisation to be a singular Digital GRC and Analytics Ecosystem. Bringing together elements of governance, risk, compliance, controls, BCM and analytics under a Blended Digital System, Aurex is enabled by AI, ML, and ultra-sophisticated neural networks to automate processes and accelerate Digital Transformation. It has got a modular architecture and facilitates superior technology application.

Unleashing your organisational potential facilitated by a plug and play digital application, Aurex is unlike any other product in the market. Aurex ensures that all the challenging enterprise requirements are met with dexterity and sophistication. Leveraging cutting edge technology Aurex lets you traverse that extra mile with ease and achieve multiple goals you have set for the enterprise. It ensures organisation-wide pain points are met with superlative firepower.

Step Up and Transform into One Digital GRC & Analytics Ecosystem

There is more to Aurex than meets the eye!

Your winning Aurex needs a thorough demonstration session for you to understand the breadth and depth of this unique product of multiple modules. Understand what Aurex truly is from the people who made it.

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