Augmented Risk and Audit Analytics

Streamline your risk and audit functions using
Augmented Risk and Audit Analytics – AURAA


Transform your risk and audit function by combining four independent processes in silo, onto one single integrated platform - AURAA

An out-an-out solution for all your Risk and Audit workflow in a single platform where you can pick out all the impending risks, manage audit efficaciously, apply controls, add observations, actions, & recommendations. Track your audits with bona fide assessments and scrutinize all the records in seconds with dynamic dashboards.

AURAA™ is designed to empower organizations and financial institutions to meet their most challenging requirements. Leveraging cutting edge technology and the power of AI to remove various Internal Audit and Risk pain points while cutting down the cost and saving valuable time and resources.

Augment analytics into a single platform and unlock the value of data

Audit Management

  • Audit Planning & Reporting
  • Annual Budgeting
  • Resource Management
  • Audit workflow Management

Risk Management

  • Enterprise Risk Assessment
  • Categorization & Prioritization
  • Risk Control & Testing
  • Organizational Health Monitoring

Audit Analytics

  • Recommendation Tracking
  • Critical Issue Monitoring
  • Automated Follow-up & Feedback
  • Exception Scenario Reporting

Powered By Analytics, Artificial Intelligence and machine learning

Continuous Audit

  • Continuous Control Monitoring
  • AI/ML powered analytics Tests
  • Conversational Intelligence
  • Early Warning Predictions

Budget Management

  • Budget Allocation & Tracking
  • Management & Audit-level Breakdown
  • Runover Alerts
  • Expense Submission & approval

Risk Control

  • Automating Risk Control status
  • Integrating organizational ERP, CRM, and other systems
  • Manage & Report the Risk Controls Hierarchy
  • Drill-down from Controls to Risks & Audits

AURAA for Auditors

Process exorbitant volume of data effectively in less time and get proper insights to draw valuable decisions. Identify, prioritize, and categorize risk and audit data to effectively eliminate redundancies & inconsistencies to revamp your risk and audit management workflow proficiently.

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"Using less text and more visual depictions is an effective way to provide meaningful information without being overwhelming." PWC-

AURAA for Board

Utilize data visualization tools and data analytics to drive a more holistic risk discussion at the board level and get a deeper insight onto the company’s risk profile and effectiveness of the appropriate internal controls applied from time to time.

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"90% of CEOs believe the digital economy will impact their industry, but less than 15% are executing on a digital strategy. " MIT Sloan and Capgemini -


Get rid of the lengthy reports and subsequent theories and adapt to visual depictions of data and share proactive insights with the auditing committee. Track progress of auditing activities against plan, description of high-risk areas, changes to the plan, and any other sensitive matters for board attention.

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"Can we expect somebody today on an iPhone or an iPad to read a 15-page audit report? We have to be able to adapt and transform our thinking." Martinelli-

AURAA for Auditing Managers

Oversee and manage the internal audit activities within the organization effectively in less time and identify the business risks, develop observations and recommendations, plan and allocate resources and evaluate the adequacy of controls applied and draw valuable insights.

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"Understanding audit digital information is going to be transformative, and it is going to provide an exponential change in what we do, and how we do it, in internal audit." Martinelli-

AURAA for Auditees

Get more insights with less text. Obtain meaningful understanding using less text and more visual depictions and get a concise overview of internal audit activities and identify the criticality of the scenarios with the help of the real-time interactive dashboards.

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"The best internal auditors are almost always those who create a rapport with their clients. " Richard Chambers, IIA President & CEO -

AURAA for Risk Managers

Identify potential risk effortlessly from the massive data and apply controls to avoid, reduce, or to transfer risk. Plan, design, and implement an overall risk management process for the organization by understanding the likelihood and impact of each risks noted and make use of the interactive dashboards to get a drill down view on each category of risk.

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"More than 40 percent of audit committee members think that it is increasingly difficult to oversee the major risks and ‘'requires substantial work" Harvard-

AURAA Features

Risk Management

Identify, assess, and control threats of an organization's capital and earnings, that could stem from a wide variety of sources, including financial uncertainty, legal liabilities, strategic management errors, accidents and natural disasters.

  • Identify risks and apply controls
  • View metrics visually in seconds
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Audit Management

Audits are an integral part of managing risk and control effectiveness within an organization. Scrutinize if everything is well organized using Audit management that aids in simplifying the whole workflow.

  • Plan audit with minimal time & cost
  • Track audit issues via dashboards
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Audit Analytics

Obtain comprehensive data drawn from different verticals to identify & assess risks. Analyze data meticulously to get an increased business understanding using the visual outputs such as dashboards rather than using text or numerical information.

  • Audit huge amount of data
  • Do insight-driven auditing
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Advanced Analytics

Visually acquire an overall insight of all the data collected and uploaded. View comprehensive data in graphs with which any large sets of data can be clearly analyzed.  Use Predictive Analytics to get the best assessment of what will happen in the future based on historical data and to come up with proper resolutions to tackle the situation in advance.

  • Visually analyze data in seconds
  • Get predictions of future outcomes
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Time Management

In auditing, it is crucial to have perfect time management. The observations generated and the implementation of timely actions determines the success and failure of an audit.

  • Schedule projects with timelines
  • Track you projects efficaciously
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Budget Management

Tracking of income and expenses effectively and planning properly in compliance with the available budget is of paramount importance.

  • Manage budget & expense effectively
  • Track budget utilization by category
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Carry out different types of surveys that can be made use of in different scenarios. Create surveys and make the employees participate in the survey.

  • Create and tag surveys
  • Generate assessments
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Track, analyze, and visually perceive the key business metrics and allow the users to interact with the data. Understand the analytics easily and arrive at resolutions at the right time.

  • Track the actions using dashboards
  • Manage everything in a single window
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